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WITH MORE THAN 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE in Property & Management Services, we have become familiar with many of the problems landlords have been faced with when communications have broken down with tenants and particularly when landlords are left with increasing rent arrears and the tenants will not leave. It is important that once a landlord has established a crucial problem with a tenant that he immediately identifies and understands the position of matters and is properly prepared to obtain control of his property as quickly as possible and thus save any further unnecessary loses.

At ALPHA LET UK we are experienced in dealing with matters from the issuing and service of notices right through to preparing and filing of Applications to Court for Possession of Property right through to obtaining the final “Warrant of Execution” thus instructing and allowing the bailiffs to attend and deliver the property back to the landlord properly and LEGALLY.

As Letting Agents and Property Managers we understand and appreciate the stress and financial issues suffered by a landlord as a result of a bad tenant. For this reason we make it our duty to ensure that we obtain possession as quickly and effectively as possible. In most cases, once we have issued and served notices, the tenant will realise that he is in a NO WIN situation and make arrangements to leave before matters go to court. However, should the tenant fail to act on the notices that have been served we are properly prepared to go to the next stage and issue proceedings in Court.


Are more than likely to result in the landlords case being thrown out of court resulting in FURTHER COSTS, DELAYS and INCEREASED LOSES OF RENT.


Costs landlord´s thousands of pounds in compensation to tenants.

The Law Refuses to Accept Any Excuses.

The Law does not recognise Negligence or tolerate Ignorance.


Prices for our services are fixed. There are no hidden costs. You will know from the very beginning how much you will be charged for our services based on the nature of the action taken.

Please feel free to contact the office direct on 0208 809 6144 for further information.

“You have nothing to lose by making the enquiry..

Residential Letting & Property Management Specialists
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